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, it tells you all the things there. iti is about having those items prepared.w we will survive. that is how we get ready and celebrate and honor the people who left us and make sure our city is ready. thank you for being here. congratulations to our survivors. >> very nice job. behind me is a good friend and a great firechief. you go back 106 years. braxton morning. -- good morning. one of the survivors could not be with us. those are amazing changes. it does give us the opportunity to remember what happened. we commemorate those who suffered losses in their lives and hardships. we also celebrate the city that was nearly swept from the map. the fires raged for three days and caused rates -- great devastation. we take the opportunity to educate everyone. it is a pleasure for me to work under the direction of mayor lee. he is a public safety championship. he is a prepared as champion. he lives it. i have seen his kids and his workplace. it is all about teamwork. i am proud to be working with chief suhr. and scott weiner, it is a pleasure to have you out here. we appreciate it. it is a great t
work too hard aad make too many sacrifices to throughheducation and they ity environment. :33 :35 by keeping crime persistantly dangerous list. -3- in tonight'' waste watch... a new report shows baltimore city workers wasted earllyone million dollars in taxpayer stations ttat were not city-app! approvedd!yranda stephens is live downtown with the numbers and the response rom the payor. this s one of 8-government- ownee gas ssations ....where pity workers are supposed to fill up their tanks. but a nnw reporttshows many are instead choosing convenience over cost... and in turn... wwsting taxpayers' ddllars. the report frrm the ccty's inspector general ... shows city workers wasted over 900-thousaad dolllrs on gas cardd over the last sixxyears. it found workers were pumping gas at áprivateá stations - which on aveeageewere 89-cents more than city stations! mayor ssephanie rrwlings-bllke says she's grateful ffr the inspeetor general's report. sse says e's doing exactly what she hired him to do when wasteful spending. unless e identify it. and i'm 3 focused on fixing it. we'v
involvemenn in the march muuder of 13-year-old monea turnage. but nnw....prosecutors at thee pity state's attorney's office say ward will not face "there's insufficient evidencee to file chargee...a ecision &pthat's rocked wright's suppor of ity police. police. 3 now understand me clearly, every officer isn't bad. every there's a reat number of them who are. they are guilty and they do a lot of things, but they want respect on the streets and they want respect from the citizens. they're neeer going to get it, nevvr &pgoing to get it because it's so much against them."" 13, admitted killing monea.and - .......ward had been suspended and under investigation.. after policc found the gun that killed the girl in the trunk of ward's car. police found theegirl's body in the back of a home.. there were also accusations that the officer playedda rrle in a possible cover up and may have advised the boys on howwto handle the pituation. tonight, prosecutors hhve to deeide whether ward ll will face dministrative charges. live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels,,foo 45 news, late editi
... baltimore ity.../ where... there were... 8... separate hhotiigs...//. among... the ssooting sprees.../, a...- ttxx drivee,.../ a... ppzza delivery man... and... a... high sccool student...///. ta-shawna... jones.../, at harbor ccty high schooo... was killed...///. olice... are... public's help... in... - solving some... of... thhse crimes. (anthony guglielmi)"we need the community to help us holl peoole accountable.. so itt information identifying people in your nnighborhood ou know are a problem and really bridggng the gap and working with deteetives brinning them juutice." police... have made an arrest... already... in... áonee... of the shooting cases..... from this weekknd. two people are arrested inn connection with the deadly arundel in anne county.11--year-old ronald mcleod and 17-year-old daniell savage are both charged with first degree murder in connection with saturday's incident.according to officers... darren costa and hhs childhood frienn matthew mmrrow were at their home in pasadena when a paaty down t
of my mother's family. we celebrate our family reunions in the summer. they are there and iti is great to see the school year. it is my great pleasure and honor to kick off the 2012 black history month and to share some reflection about black women and american culture and history. the publication, black history bulletin, recently devoted an entire issue to the subject and in their forward, to blackmuns dollars attributed these characteristics to black woman in america. unshakable, conflating sacrifice -- on flinching sacrifice. we know about countless women from the past to the present who have lived their lives in this way. in fact, like many of you come out my political and educational and historical education started with my family. my consciousness about being black and being proud began with the luminous woman in my life will comprise my roots, my fulcrum and my foundation. my fraternal grandmother, her father was born a slave and later became an owner of a farm in virginia. in prince edward county, virginia. this was the county that was the site of a 1951 protest led by black st
the baltimore ity fiie deparrment is driving home tte message of safety, is with some... enteetainment. joel d. smith is live in rosedale attthe fire training center, where he is personally of reelly is. 3 president obama and mitt romney mee for their ffrst in denver, a stage - jobs and the ecooomy stood ... - front and center... along wiih &pto bring prosperity back. back. domestic issues was the focus for the ninety minute first presidentialldebate at the university of denver in cooorado - fitting as those &phave been front and center in thhsslong campaign.seeeinggto annwer critics who say he doesn't offer specifics - romney says he has a fivv pointt lan that includes budget.president obama accused theeformmr massachussetts gooernor of hopinn to brinn about five trillion dollars inn tax cuts, much of which would benefit high income earners. romney said none oo that was remotely true - and saying he is strongly against any cuts that woulddadd to the deficitt look i have fiiv boys, i'm used to people saying something thaa's not always true but just eee on hoping i'll believe it pr
on thursday and friday. think the best time in of whether,erms sunshine, ity and is october. tomorrow is october 1. we will be feeling like it is october. another thing true for r is the postseason. we are hoping the nats will go there. that they will win their -- the orioles may have something really special tonight. the first time since 1997. the nationals are returning from rough night in st. louis with the magic number of one. of number one, how #four? that was how good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. d
. >> what is going on with the world series? >> it is interesting. folks in san francisco are bit of it.y the wizards take on the heat. london is in a fog. history is on the line. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him depososit his check. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> chris cooley went through his practiced like he was never gone. looks like he will be able to against the steelers on sunday. is london fletcher did not practice. he strained a hamstring last now he has some problems, maybe vertigo. he is going to see a neurologist. >> let's give a review from the doctor and see what they have to say. i will give you more tomorrow. you never ca
or dropped in a particular ity. (stokee) 23:13:51 i don't think it does any agency individual wwll to try to hide not to shhw what's if i'm a parent at ome aad p'm listeeinn to this report the firss question i'm going to have if my child attends baltimore city schools is aree they safe or is this trend jeopardy? butt bite1:36:16 aanone who wants to bbing hurt harm or danger to these kiis 1:36:20 it'' a committment on our to - behalf to be accountable but wwewant to mmke sure we have the correct esourcee available to make sure that that can't happen if peoplee -- for theeaccurate reporting f safety for baltimore city school's says no one is trying to pull a fast one.3:19:16 involved in inconsquential behavior in terms of laa arrested should not be jail oo doing time away from school. some in the school system see in-house referrals as a forr pf intervention. 3:15:58 this is something that helps keep our schools saaerr some argue in fewer ssspensions which plays a key role in whether a school is identified by the sttte as being persistently dangerous. 1:42:40 i guess 45 news at ten.
of youu home. if yyu don't have one and you live in the pity... call 3-1-1.the fire departtent will brrng one out in montana.32 year old jason g - &phiser nd 32 yeer olddneal peekns from virginia... have been missing since friday, after failing o atch a flight home from montana.50 men, but they are concerned becauseerescuers re encountering 18 inches f snow on the rail... and clouds are preventing aerial searches. the number of people infected with meningitts continue to rise... nationwide 200 people have gotten sick from contaainated steroid injections which were desiined to treat ack pain. 15 of those cases are here in maryland...including one death. so far, 15-peoppe have died nationwide. cheek your a new mexico company called "sunland"... which produced jars of peanuu butter... is expanding its ecall.the roasted shelled and innshell --3 maryyand... he producc is sold at trader joe's.aa least 35 people have been siikeeed by salmonella... that's linked to he ompany's products. tooorrow night... preeideet obama anddgovernor itt romney face off in their secon
want to do .... hopkins.... takeeyour input and your priooities." will ities." batts says he - come out with a written plan so citizens can hold hhm accounttbbe. went... to.. court e today...//. plaintiffs... ay.... baltimore's... wasting ...millions of tax dollars.... on... controversial contrrcts... for... phones..... aad... maintenance...// still... the mayor... standssby... her... actions.../. melinda... roeder... pws... ii ccurt today - / as... both sides... laidd out their argumentt ...//elinda? city comptroller jjan pratt accuses the mayor's i-t officc... of wastinn millions &ppn tax dollarssby ciumventing the bidding process.aaprocess ppatt says the mayor ignorrd when she choseeto buy a new phone system through aa existing she wants the approve a heaper deal... argging it'll save the city a lot oo cash. that'sswhy ratt s suing thee mayor.... and the city... onn behalf of taxpayers.and she's &pattorney - who's taking n th case at no cost.but tthecityy argues the cityycharter prohibits government officials conflict of intere
crime. hooever, the head of student safety in the ity defends the practice, saying zero tolerance is not theeooly way to handle probllms. 3:15::8 this is something that by developing methods of bringing a child in for an actual oofenne.... appropriate thing we should be doing. even without these unreportedd pncidentss there have been 416 &passaults and 21 weappns confiscated by school police school police union fficials say usiig in-house referrals may ccuse under reporting of crime and misallocation of officers. when e join you next, you'll hear from the &ppresident of the school polic union on this topic. live in west baltimore, joel d. smith,, fox 45 morning news. three men areeunder arress in connectionnwith a shooting baltimore county. county.antonio johnson, james braxton and ggyon mathurine are facing ccarges including attempted first degree murder and first degree assault. police sayythey shot a man in a nissan altima and left him for dead ear guildhall court in woodlawn. the victim is in phe hospital wiih life threatening injuries.the suspects areebeeng held invest
3 turned rommntic!the... ity.... school's mascot, ..."pounce",... staged a dance off... with several players.. / with... a showdown ....etween him.. and his irlfriend...//. unbeknownst... to her,, was her boyfriend... in the cossumee. / assiitant basketball - coach....///he ... faked... an innury.. . over... to... care for him..//. off... came the mascot ...head... and... he question was popped!the more importannly... she said - yes! that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" issnext. next.and we'll be baak tonight ffr fox44 news at ten -- nd the late editiin at 11... 11...we'll seeeyou later.
the girl's face! you n't ink iti it's garbage. >> let me do this purposefully. >> bill: you take picture like this and you throw it away because it's -- there is nothing worthy about it! >> it was not intentional on the iafe connand theyar- they relled it was an issue. >> the damage is already done. it was not purposeful. >> bill: we're not going to get through. now, the vice presidential debate coming up on thursday, i don't tnk imenyg. abth bse rber, president obama had a disasterous performance last week. so now there is added pressure on joe biden to actually super perform to try to make up some ground, the ground that obama lost since last ek. >> bl:e cat psibl ye twinng . ego generational difference between ben who is 69 and the young paul ryan who is 42. the other thing is on the issue, you'llave a striking difference because biden is saddled with defdingn economic record that failed. he's going up again the onopudgu obslhesils say it's succeeding. this is what the debate is. here is why i don't think it matters and then you can reply. people don't vote for vice president. this is
.. there's a poliie internal affairs investigation going on. livv at ity hall, keith daaiels, fox 45 newssat ten. 3 a... 16... year old... &phigh school... studenn.... and... her family... wants... your help... to... fight back...////. back...////.janice... livv... in the newsroom, .../ with... more... on the search... for.../ ah--jee... harrod's... killer. 3 jeff,the 16 year old ran awayy family friends tell us they were desperately trying to get her back oo track...but it would be too late....but their &pnot alone now, since sunday....lmost 11 thoussnd people are trying to help the family on this facebook find out who did this to the teen. from the streets. in the days since ahjee harroo's murder...detectives have been out in northwest baltimore making their presence was sunday found in the middle of the but police don't think that harrod's ody...was her purse, cell phone and money: police tell us they are having case because of the location info would be helpful. helpfullif you would like to check oot this facebook page...just head to our webs
... and put tooetter by m-s-n dot com.baltimore gees aafailing grade... ranking 97th out of 100 ities. san francisco gets an a-plus purora, colorado and seattle. memberssof the rock bbnd "journey" isited balttmore for a special cause. journee made a stop at johns hopkins hospital, unday for a v-i-p reception, before their concert at the was all to help aise money for the johns hopkinn kimmel canccr centerr many patients "we will do whatever we can for whoever we can if we''e gonna milk the celebritt weere gonna mill it for the good ya pnow and that's the eautiful we've done so well so you hy - gotta keep giviig bbck so you can eep giving its awesome." awesooe."all the procceds from cancer ppttents and their efit - at that concert in baltimore... joorney ggiiarist neal schoo proposed to girlfriend, mmchaele salahi... and she saiddyys. youtube... just hours ago.the houseeives of d-c" star was - reported miising by her then- husband of 8 yeaas... ttreq palahi. it turned out she was fine and was with schon. the as the so-called "white houss - prasherr"... when they were photog
'y(spáj barriers and promote the influence of private money. there is noge5jtá ((r&ity for the public money that is spent on it. there is no accountability for private mone it. there is no accountability for where that private money(bp6[ goes. most of all there is no accountability for the sunshine and ethics violations that allowzmw them to operate with impugnity. as i said many timeso. cost is the credibility in our society. no onehÑ6 believes you. no one believes anything in our society.i@wÑ there's a quotation i've used many times. it's not part of mya=Ñ graphics presentation. that says tha|t the casualty of being lied to is that you lose faith in thei and isn't thatk our privatized world? the lieszcg>! do cost more than the money. >> president chiu: next speaker pleaseá . >> mr. president -- north amerp'[Ñ vacantist i'm glad this body got something right at least a small portion of it did. that's why i decided to come upit
. nning before october is nationaa fire prevention month... and one off the ways the baltimore ity &pfire departmeet is drrving &phome the eesage of saaety, i with some... entertainment. entertainment. joel d. smith fire training centtr, where he ps personally going to see how tough the jobbreally is. 3 3 3 3- 3 it'' thh video that's going viral.alligator pool parties are becoming a hit in florida... but pretty soon... they could be a thing of the pa. past.that's becauseestate he pa- wildlife officials are popular practice. they say allowing the gators to swim freely in peoples' pools... is a ssfety concern. "that someonn is wanting to have a live alligator swimming in your pool is absurd andd dangerous to the aaligator and the children." insttad of banning the gator pool parties... officiaassare asking the handler to make sure they're restrained at all times... rather than swimming freely in pools.the handler has not yet responded. it's thee atess parrnting trick... to help soothe crying . gangnam nats ng... then 3 andrew tsai posted this video to youtube... of his 10-month old s
be at the cenner of a stuuent's stabbing earlier ttis eek in &pbaltimore ity. city. crime and justice reporter joy lepola... at central booking... tells us.... this doee not appear to be a random act of violence. joy? that's whht darrell johns' attorrey told a few hours ago following his client's bail review here at central booking. johns is being held without bail afterrbeing charged with attempted first egree mmrder. on monday, police ay ohns stabbed a fellow student. during the teen's baal review, we heard how ullying maa have led the student to take a 3 inch knife to school. 8:44:17 mr johnsswas subjecttd to 30 to 35 incident over the paat month where this grrup of ndividuals was coming after him and tte issue pecomes whether or not thh school failed mr. johns in this instance because he and his mmther did notify the schoollthht this was going on ::3 33 tomorrow johns' ttorney will point. today's bail review so johns' defense could gather regarding this alleged the mayor joy lepola fox 45 3 the mayor responds to cootrrversy over the death of a man in police custody. &pafter he was
but could not push it over. the final, tampa 5, orioles 3. itis fun and games to get caught up in the team colors. orange has taken over the town. new shirts will be hitting the streets in just a few hours. it is o for october. michael tyson cannot wait for the playoff order he made weeks ago and neither can than fa romeo santos. >> baseball got me through a lot of things. deployments. i lost my wife recently. baseball, the orioles baseball got me through a lot. this means so much. >> and that's the playoff passion. stores are looking for it. get your playoff gear. we want to see your pride. send us pictures of you and your family deked out in orange and sell grating the trip to the playoffs. send them to pics >>> if you went looking for cupcakes tonight, you were out of the loop. this is all about the coke phenomenal johnny cup cake. hundreds gathered for the cupcakes for the crib tour. there were a few suites on the menu. it is about the success of the johnny cup cake brand. they are selling limited edition shirts, and hats, he founded the company when he was 19. he so
-s-a... is not amused." 3p common sense... says,.../ punching ... a... movinn... ity f... bus...// isn't... it's... stupid...//. ii... on ...for aapassenger ... who... knocked out... a... city... buu driver. drrver. this .. is... surveillance video... from áinsideá the kansas city bus.../ as... the ddiver... gett rocked by... you... can see... the suspects... boarding the bus,./.. each... saying... the person behind &pthem... will pay,... whhn the last man ...gets on,...// he... doesn't have... the moneyy.../ the... bus driver... asks.... all... the men... to gee &poff....// ass.. phey're... leaviig.../ him... out cold...//. police... are still searching for the mee in the video. common sense ... p... machete... to... a... gun fight, .../// bizaare situution... at... a... fort myers... florida... police station.../// this... iss.. of... the ... statioo lobby... onn.. wednesday morninn...///.you... can see... a &m. view.police say... he asked to speak &pannofficerr.../ then ...
for safer biking for.v ÷: families. tor"!ñ provideñtp&ity&nspñ opportunities for all of our children i fought:fñ÷(súñ to3$zq establish universal access/
throughout the city especially for safer biking for.v ÷: famil. tor"!ñ provideñtp&ity&nspñ opportunities for all of our children i fought:f5ñ÷(súñ to3h universal access/
pity police. the homicide count in paltimore city... stands at murders.last year at ttii rmed - time.... ww were at 160 homicides. a gambrills an is sentenced to eight years in prison for possessing child pornography. 25-year--ld robert hanson took a plea deal... which also includes 40 yeers of to ccurt documents,,police g - seized hansoo's computer after getting a tip last april. several images of child pornography on the hard drive. two city trrnsportation emmloyees are ordered to pay restitution and recieve a 10-year suspended sentence... after dmittinn to ripping scrap metal off the city. prosecutors ssy... lee kane and theodore wojtas sold more than 30-thouuand dollars worth of city-owned scrap mmtal to a private ccmpany and pocketed the profits.bothhmen sold more than 300 thousand pounds of metal froo the city'ss "poncabird facility." a lawsuit accusing perdue farms of polluting the bay conttnues in federal court. court.environmental grrups rallied ouuside the couuthouse downtoon on tuesday, where the salisburr-based company is peing sued for not properly disposing offanimal
ity. among them... is city ouncil president jack young... who wants to stop plans for &pdollar jjvenill lockup in as jail say it will help juvenile oofenders currently being opponents say the money shouudd be usee for rec enters and educaaional programs... that have been shown to educe "when you make the ecision too speen money on efforts to lock them up inssead of investing development you send a mmssagee ttat you believe that they are do not deservv that investment that message leaves no hope success f maryland." governor o'malleyysuppoots ppans for the jail. mayor stephanie rawlings blake says she wants to meet with him to discuss the plan... before endorsing it herself. 3 a... first on fox... pollow up .. to... an investigation.../ how crimes... in... city schools.../ are... tracked... &p andd.. ápossiblyá... we found ... alarmed ...a... citt council addiiss.. he's... concerned. in... the... pass nine months..../ more than city schools...//. crimes... that... were not reported... to... baltimore an... in-house referrals &pp..wass.. written up
inbatty bttstagin pk ci low new york in pci owew rky. >>utronne aeadly nigh >> oneopne no dddl in gh ve op atesthanono d hrica sainy an fesodinancontue an h ca e ea sa ancoas finnt credlen eaflding ove as 000- le aeda. re iflnganhavean whewe al0-ady astedecor o iathahe ont, craaly iedsor daning fr t, skyrapera in imtownandan igtr coul drop tny tiky.pein thmwnd i last a wulopontie ti. to thtracstorndy.a let'go o fro.tio ac orptio by y.tac -- t' ww ovitarocom ioy c-- wwtam > go eveng verye. i' gove inry burtt i' "ou ront nighur i wa to weome ou viers om aund uent wrldho ghe wa o wetchie thi stoouis hat ad e'v wd be watingover hihi1to00 met ar her'v onhe eas beat coag er e uned1st mes.e arer o afctineabouasoa unst.20of t un ed saftes inoupulaon fldingas bn t b 20 tiss. un s whs e i'lastanng rht noflng bthos tof y bwho arsatchg whi'an rno os y theo rearerch knhe eaterar w kn ave mknte. wwe s a rec d ahere mnkn wer s a ec manhretan,n tes o atormn r rge. nhn, te thsreco aisrm e.3.88 et thco exedin by almthre88 eet the cordetback inexin bylmre1
to -&b hall today.ity vissted city ceasers, who wwn tte right to buiid a casino in theecity last summer, were at citt hall taaing questions during the prommses the group made is to hire as many city resiients as possibll, joossthey say would be more plentiful ii voters approve question 7.. a refereedum whiih exppnds include table ggmes. 03:05:37"we're committed to july, our disucssion now is their say on quustton ssven onn" novemmer 6. a... large structure ... known... as the... "peace cross".... is... sttrring up... in... bladensbuug. &pbladensburg.the ... 40-foot tall ... oncrete crrss.../ went up... ii... thee.. early 19-20's... to... honor... 9 men.... from... p---g... couuny... who... died... in the seevice... of... their counnry... during... world war one...///. it... stands... on... government land.../ a... fact.... that others... thh....american umanist... association. &pspeckhardt ays: "this countr is a diverss one. we have budhists, we have hinduu, e have non--heists, anddwe've always had some ppecentage of our po
and that threat is over. final out here,ity error-0, and they -- 8-0 and they trail the series 2-1 and let's take it to the head coach. >> we had chances today, i think, we put ourselves in good position a couple of times and couldn't get the big hit. once you get the big hit, the flood gates open and hopefully everyone will get them. you talk about a guy that has been in the situation a lot and knows how to make pitches. we gave urges a chance and you put them on base. >> and that is not something we planned on and that is what it is. >> and zimmerman there. obviously, you look at the pitch and they allowed 20 runs the last few games. >> yeah. >> and half of those guys, bat ago-- sub200 that is tomorrow. >> if you're grumbling for straussburg, they got shut out. >> yeah. >> and heard that in the crowd. >>> and fans were bolting for the doors and there is some left. this is history and that is throughout the night and at 10 and the nam len. in the meantime, though, and in the fourth inning. >> yes. >> and that is some more fun. the president's race and that is -- things are looking up for them. >
. >> announcer: this is the xfin to the best of my recollecti ity sports desk. >> seriously, you're leading with baseball tonight? >> how painful, man. >> it's nots over. >> no, no, it's not over. and we should be clear to make that point. we're still in this. >> and it was an incredible atmosphere. but the cardinals, man, they left the air out of the party balloon far too early. once again, the defending world series champs jumped on a national's starting inning and they never let up. their worst ross of the post-season. now the guys have to win tomorrow to stay alive. a full house of red-wearing, towel twirling fans at national's park. great scene there, but it wasn't a game to remember for pitcher edwin jackson. matt halladay comes in to score from first base. just like that, the nationals down 1-0. we're thinking, all right, that's not too bad. but this was. two on in the top of the second for rookie shortstop pete cosma. and that is not playing like a rookie there. a three-run home run, the nationals in a 4-0 hold. jackson allows four earned runs. michael morris up with t bases loaded
watereand ectr ity.e on obsl thgee arted tr loy. wnedower line tharo a edter ne ofdeis. theris a lota o wnedfde. er atreeot o a t ed of destatn onee t a t ooceahome adeaton on te t eame a nboaralk. t havyou be giv ay dicaon of arhenk. you av couu bebe ivresc ad athis po t,ca oornououe lite lly sct's atsts po -- it teilys lent? we-were ldit tyould y nt to g e perele hre byoon toy, b t atdild not appe ge hn to b otpe d wnffials ovehe ekensaid you houl wdfisve enevacte, llidu meulhy y dn't i kn achis, s ae reay hd y chce f yo 't wh did knu ma tedeciison taea h ch fyo wh d ay, ma tciren t >> i ma t decion , en ia tec ntay cause thiisyonlyome. y ushi ly e. husnd ad i, weave a busiss he. us ey ver ai,allewee fonythg re tsin a he rlefoth t a ctego in cgo i rrice. so felconfent. 've en toughsrms, we' ic be thrsogh nelnft. e tstergh thss, myouses he'gh ougbe i'hr n ner thon t myse h ugi' n ocn. t aniidn' el teeed go oc >> wl, ann' yo tveed liv ingo fir landor 2 w yoivyes,nyourir hundand r nely 4 yeaif ye i'ur churectd ne ha youver en athinealike i'thisn
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in baltimore ccty. myranda stephens.. with more n their demands. in the 3ity. - loudly nd frankly.. against a project some caal inntitutional racism. 1710 this yooth jail for baltimore city is just slavery by &paanther name 16 hundreds of younn people and community leaders gatheeed innannapolis today... to protest a lan to build a nee 70-million doolaa youth detention center in eest is supported byygovernor hich 3 o'malley - has been at the demonnsrations... since it was approved n 2006. 2127 let's move mmryland forward in a different way, mister governor, we ddn't want the jail 32 supporters offthe jail say it will help address the being housed wwthhadults. ut opponents say there are better options. shaq 2437 we ave aa state that doesn't want to invest money into recreation money into a 79 illion dollars youth detention faaility. some things are just wrong 50 maaor stephanie to discuss the issuu more with the governor... befooe taking a stance. mayor 414 you can build a million jails, that's neither here nor there. it's making sureethey ever get filled up, and that what i that all
have the legal power to arrest, ssme ity and state leeders are raising questtons about tha. president jack young is calling for a special hearing about a category of guards called "special poliie." they're not subjecc to regulatiins or the same traininn as traditional police officers. buttttey do hhve the power to search citizens and even maae some politicians - and even security firms - are questioning that practice. <"you should kkow the meannng training."> some state lawmakers also want to review the uidelines for "speciall plice" to makeesure they're subject to proper oversight. bail... denied... for a... howard countt man.... accused... oo... secretly videotaping.... &p two women ... inside... heir... ellicott city... ondo. condo.michael... mckenny... was arrested last police... released his video.../.it... shows him ...setting up... hidden cameras ... of... a ondo... - on... montgomery road...//. pooice... belieee... mckenny... áknewá theetwo wooen... ho... lived there, .... and... uued... a... copied ey ... to... enter tte condo...
... last year..../// of the áátherá vehicle.../ was passenger... in the car... the ity police epartment is taking a closer look at a program that givessselect seccrity guards incrrased powers.the guards... referred to as "special police"... have the option to detain suspects or make arrests in certain situations.however, baltimore police are re-evaluaaing... fiied accusing "special eee - police" of overstepping tteir get any training rom ng ccvil - baltimore r state police.they work at places like shooping ccnters and aaartmentt complexes. and now the city council wants to take a closer looo too. p4:14"if a itizen has a valid complaint ooer aggresive behavoir or a voilation oo go tt?" to?" young says he plann to schedule a hharing to take testimony from concerned citt residents and h e company who employ pecial police prince george'' county police 3-pooin-6 million dollars to 10 people who were eiihhr puring a post-game cellbration at the university of maryland after thh basketball team beat dukeein 2010.2-million-dollarr pf that settlement wiil go to maryland studenttwho wws beat
chief has for the kansas pity in sports unlimittd... ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time that'll do iitfor the late edition, ... ttanks for joining us,.../ i'm jeff barnd. .../ up next .../ bruce with... sports unlimited...// unlimited...// 3 a very tense night at camden the pankees in game two of the american leaguedivisional series, the orioles wwre trying to avoid goingbackkto none in he series..and it's 88h...chris davis had a 2-run solid outting...6 ann a itt a third...2 runs... only one earned... &pnationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jordan zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allen craig hammers it to left...solo shoo...zimmermann gives up 5 runs inn3 lead of the 6th...danny espinosa gives it a ride to leff enter...john jay races to the wwll...makes the
into the economy they are 12i78ity-- stimulating housing. citi has problem relating to housing. they are stimulating emerging markets where citi is the strongest. >> all right, let's take a look at some of your other picks besides citi. you like goldman sachs. you have been telling us this all year. and the regional bank suntrust. again, was's the attraction? >> suntrust again is in the southeast. it has continued to have credit problems later than a lot of the other banks. but that's been a bad thingment but now we think it's a good thing. because right now we can still see a lot of positive improvements as we start to see a pick up in the economy and housing and places like florida, can help move that stock back up. so we still like suntrust. >> we just have about 45$p)-sec. a new round of bank stress tests coming up. how do you think banks are going to do. are they strong enough to withstand a financial downturn? >> well, i think they're strong enough. the question is does the fed think they're strong enough. and that is what we will find out. i think it will be a tough time
but because oo the ity's high unemployment rate among african-americans.""i'm tiredd of the stereetype ttat black americans don'' want to work." this commercial...wass ggoup...known as "numbers-usa.. its meebers... aae upsett... with natiinal immigration i doo't nderstann whyyour leaders are going to admit a year to take jobs of three ext million black americans."the ad...does not speficially mention the marylaan dream... noveeber's would allow illeeal immiggants too pay the discounted... n--tate tuition maryland colleees...but only ii they ccmmunity college...and ave parents ho are paying state wrong with those immmgraatssor the immiirants that aree already eee, it's just that haaeethis many ameriians you unemployed." since the commercial...does not mention spokesman for mayor stephanie rawlinns-blake...says she has no comment on the commercial...ssnce it makes no mention of the maryland dream act. bbt the mayor...has recooded videos for youtube... vooccng her support...for the dream aat. (rydell) "numbersssa says it's aware of thh marrland dream act and be disapp
is coming out of city grou. thus-ti iti ge ceo of citi group is stepping down. what is one long? >> questions are going up weather and not he was the head funds manager and pti group's stock is up 5%. it >> consumer prices are going up due to gas prices. guess price are tend gas priceo bring the taxes of up and the prices down and then it tends to bring them back up. i am not really freaked out about this with this said consumer prices >> the time now is 6:49 a.m.. >> the high spot in whethe it is weather is warm. not contending with the dense fog this morning. there is swarming around the bay and they may climb to the upper 80s. thames will be in the '60s to 70's for tonight. we will be same some high clouds letter on this afternoon and i do want to bring your attention to some wet weather. this is really impacting organ but we do have warm conditions and all saw a flow means that the wins will be pretty dry. whenever we do have warm weather in the bay area the concern for fire danger occurs. we will not see a red flag warning. we just would like to keep this in mind. 81 degre
. right now, it's over open waters, south of the bahamas. here are the latest conditions. itis maintained strength as a category 2 storm. it's tracking north at 15 to 20 miles per hour. it's moving quickly. the latest track continues on this northerly track taking it east of florida during the rest of the day today, moving rather quickly. decreasing in strength down to a category one hurricane. as it tracks farther northeast, by friday and saturday, to the west of bermuda, but off the atlantic sea board. saturday and sunday, the latest track is taking it up toward the new york city area, unfortunately. this is a monday position as of 8:00 a.m. it looks like it's out to sea. this is good news for us. here is washington. it could track anywhere within this zone of possible. you can take this western track. of course, we'll be worse off here. there's indication it is trying to switch farther and farther to the west. stay tuned. things could go downhill for us. the latest track is going to the north. i'll have the sandy impact that it might produce for us if it takes the western track for us
deficit. it is about europe. itis abo the middle east and about china and india, those types of places. but the most, in the u.s., it is about the u.s. economy and the fiscal deficit. melissa: yeah. you were talking about the survey you put together. 5.7illion active accounts that you see. what are people, how are they reacting to that uncertainty? are they keeping money set in one place. are they keeping bets but they're safer ones >> we're continuing to see the way their invest sentiment and what they're actually doing. melissa: oh really? >> more active investors are participating in the market, in the ways that they do. they go in and out. but the long-term investor and ra are definitely more conservative stance. a fair bit move money on the sidelines a lot of money in risk-free assets. they're taking a fairly conservative stance based on the unprecedented uncertainty. melissa: you said that itis all about the economy and the president put forward his 20 page plan i think on the economy, the main points being education and training, clean energy, and raising taxes on the wealthy. t
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